mussels & fries. wednesday only.

Le Snacks

Almonds 10

marcona almonds, truffle, sea salt

Marinated Olives 12

olive oil, fennel, citrus

Gem Salad 12

gem lettuce, apple, fennel, champagne vinaigrette, herbs

Croque Monsieur 20

house sourdough, city ham, mornay, gruyère

make it a Madame (+sunny side up egg) 3

Les Plats

Moules Frites* 30

your choice of preparation, served with fries and sourdough toast


white wine, saffron, fennel, fines herbes



tomato, paprika, garlic, parsley

Le Fromage

Cheese Board 24

a chef curated selection of cheeses served with our herbed sourdough crackers and caramelized apple butter

Terrific Trio

cow, pasteurized, Wisconsin

Capra Stanislaus

goat, pasteurized, California

Maison Carles Roquefort AOP

sheep, raw, France

Les Desserts

Sunflower Paris-Brest 12

rye choux puff, sunflower praline, sunflower honey

Chai Opera Cake 12

chocolate, espresso, RTC Bourbon Vanilla Chai, toasted coconut ice cream,

passion fruit (contains almonds)

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.