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Mussel Night Menu


White Anchovies* 9

Marinated Olives 12

fennel, citrus, herbes de Provençe

Gem Salad 12

tarragon vinaigrette, pickled fennel

Jambon Beurre* 17

city ham, gruyère, house cultured butter, gem salad

sunny side up egg +1.50


​Cheese Board Trio 24

herbed sourdough crackers, apple butter

pate de campagne + 10

Les Moules

your choice of preparation served with fries & sourdough toast

Marinière* 30

white wine, saffron, fennel, fines herbs

Rouge* 30

tomato, roasted pepper, paprika


Lemon Pastry Cream Tart 3

te sablée tart shell, burnt lemon marmalade, Italian meringue

Sugar Cookie 3.50

featuring organic wheat flour from Janie's Mill


Chocolate Chip Cookie 4

three chocolates, fleur de sel

Galette de Rois 4

frangipane, honeycrisp apple, cinnamon

Chocolate Fondant 9

a rich chocolate fudge cake

Tart Cherry Basque Cake 9

vanilla pastry cream, cherry jam

 Hazelnut Cinnamon Macaron Glacé 12

vanilla-cinnamon ice cream, orange marmalade, orange reduction

*Consuming raw/undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish & eggs

may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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